Sharing insights – 2

The second round of "share your insights" was conducted, and all team members shared their findings from the literature review that they conducted. A preliminary affinity mapping was done to organize our findings and thoughts into categories. Roots were pulled out of the "Design for Sharing" concept to better understand the problem.


Literature Review – 2 : 10:00AM

Ola! We have started our second round of literature review. This one's gonna be more detailed, longer and a little directed. So, its gonna be some time till the next blog entry. #ozchi24

Literature Review – 1 : 7:00AM

  Hello people! So this is us conducting our first round of literature review. We have started with the resources provided in the challenge brief. We are exploring the problem space and trying to understand the meaning of each term. #ozchi24

Preparing for OzCHI24

Hey, there! We've spent the whole day reading and researching design methodologies and thinking practices, to figure out the best way to approach the 24 hour challenge. After doing a lot of research, we developed the following methodology to be followed for the challenge! Empathize: This phase of design helps us in understanding the problem … Continue reading Preparing for OzCHI24